Standard rates

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Appointments in Altadena are $125 per session or $500 when paid in full as a package of 5.

Appointments in Eagle Rock are $145 or $675 when paid in full as a package of 5.

Distance Sessions via FaceTime or Skype are $125 or $500 when paid in full as a package of 5.

House calls are $175 per session in NELA or $750 when paid in full as a 5 session package.  *Please confirm that you are within my service area.


Hypnosis with Sound Healing Package $195 (Available in Highland Park).  Includes a counseling session with Julie (30 minutes) and an hour of collaborative healing through hypnosis concurrent with sound and vibrational therapy with Tina DiGeorge​.  While you deeply relax in the hypnotic state and work with your subconscious mind to harmonize and/ or release for a myriad of issues, via guided imagery, Tina will …..

use special sound frequencies to help bring you to a more relaxed, open and meditative space.

Stop smoking Package $425 (Altadena location), $600 (Eagle Rock).  Includes a phone interview, Two Hour Initial Session, Follow-up session (45minutes - one hour), and a three-month phone follow-up.

Placenta Encapsulation/ Hypnotherapy Package is just $825 for house calls or $750 in Altadena.


Referral discounts:  You and your new referral each receive $10 off your next session!


*No one should ever go without proper care due to financial constraints. Please contact me and I will happily discuss sliding scale rates.   

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