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Contact Julie to book your own group event!  Are you a business owner or manager looking to increase motivation or team build?  A group of new mothers?  Friends or family with a common interest?  Group events are a fun and affordable solution!

Events may be held in your own space or in my outdoor space in Altadena.


The organizer of any group of 6+ attendees will be included for free!

Please reach out to discuss logistics and pricing information!

Coordinate your own group event with      

Past Events

Community Hypnosis for Postpartum Mamas

In becoming a new mother, many of us battle stresses, emotions, & so much else with little to no sleep.  Let's get together to replace the negative feelings with more positive ideas while enjoying some well-deserved rest, relaxation and rejuvenation!

Community Hypnosis for Rebuilding Mamas' Confidence

After becoming mothers, many of us lose our precious sense of identity. This in turn tends to lower our confidence, as we channel so much of ourselves into caring for our children. This group will focus on motherhood at all stages.

Community Hypnosis for Stress Relief

This is the first of a series of group events I'll be hosting! Beginning with a brief introduction to hypnosis and how it works, I will then deeply relax you all and relieve stress through guided imagery and hypnosis. 

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