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Workshops & Group Work

I'm currently facilitating beautiful monthly outdoor workshops which incorporate hypnosis, sound healing, somatic work, journaling, discussion, and more with the lovely and gifted Maryem Irias at a private location in Altadena!  The groups work well as a series or also stand individually.  Themes vary monthly. 


We are also open to scheduling private groups at our location or yours.  Rates will vary based on location and the number of participants.


Please inquire here for more info and/ or to be added to the mailing list.  

Upcoming Events

Join us for our newest integrative offering, a series titled:

In this series, we will practice listening and receiving messages from our bodies, practice responding in coherence, unveil the stories we hold, explore the personal, familial, and/or cultural mythologies we are living out, etc. We conclude our series with moving into our bodies more securely, more lovingly, and with more awareness about what we are unconsciously & consciously embodying.

We will begin with the basics: noticing & relating to sensations, gradually moving into more sophisticated understanding of the multiple ways in which our bodies hold personal and collective stories. We invite these narratives to move us in the ways needed to heal and integrate what may be in the shadows.

In our first ceremonial workshop, COMING TO OUR SENSES we will come back to our primal being, inviting us to orient to the pleasure of sensing. We will explore our bodies through somatic practices, inquiry, discussion, journal writing, sound journey, and hypnosis held in our strong container infused with reiki and love.

This circle is open to female-identifying and non-binary folks.
We will gather at a private outdoor venue in Altadena.

Coming to Our Senses: learning the language of our body
2/26/23, 4-6pm

Unearthing Our Unconscious Stories: uncovering our truth
3/5/23, 4-6pm

Excavating Our Personal Mythos: unlearning for conscious creation
3/26/23, 4-6pm

Moving Towards Embodiment: connecting to our core knowledge
4/23/23 4-6pm

Please wear layers, bring a yoga mat, pen and paper, water, blankets/pillow, and an open mind/heart.

With Love and Respect,

Julie & Maryem

Spaces are limited; please reserve your spot in advance.

Our love and respect,
Julie & Maryem

Past Events & Groups 
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Peace & Healing
Online Grief Support Group

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