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I'm currently facilitating beautiful monthly outdoor workshops which incorporate hypnosis, sound healing, somatic work, journaling, discussion, and more with the lovely and gifted Maryem Irias at a private location in Altadena!  The groups work well as a series or also stand individually.  Themes vary monthly. 


We are also open to scheduling private groups at our location or yours.  Rates will vary based on location and the number of participants.


Please inquire here for more info and/ or to be added to the mailing list.  

Upcoming Events

Boundaries have become a popular topic within psychological and wellness circles because they are essential in protecting and maintaining healthy relationships to others and self. Many folks, however are challenged when it comes to setting and upholding them.

While we can admit to the importance of this from a purely logical stance, there are parts of us that resist, fear, and even reject implementing and maintaining boundaries due to early developmental attachment wounding, trauma, and more.

We invite to explore your history with boundaries within different relationships and to fine tune and build upon their foundation!

In this series, we will begin by taking inventory of our existing boundaries, exploring our relationship to limits, an identifying & releasing those which no longer serve us, in order to make space for a healthier structure.

We will recalibrate and reinforce the boundaries which are appropriate and create new ones, more aligned with all areas our present lives, including but not limited to spiritual, financial, physical, sexual, familial, social, and business.

This experiential workshop series will include somatic practices, expressive arts, hypnotherapy, reiki, sound journeys, group discussion, guided journaling, plant & mineral allies, and more!


We look forward to you joining us for 4 Sundays: May 15, May 22, May 29, and June 5 from 3:30-6:30pm.


Materials included: journal, art supplies, medicinal teas and cacao, mineral allies.


We open the space to women, female-identifying, non-binary, and queer folks.


Payment options:

Venmo $360 to julie-weingarten. Please do not choose “goods and services” so that we receive the full exchange.  Please include your email with the payment.


Credit card option available. A $9.50 surcharge will be added to cover Square’s fee.


2 Part Payment Plan Available ($180 in advance, remainder due by 5/24/22. Credit card fee applies as above.)

Spaces are limited; please reserve your spot in advance.

Our love and respect,
Julie & Maryem

Covid Precautions: In the interest of everyone being able to fully relax, we suggest participants have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of the event. Masks are not required, as we will be distanced outdoors; please do bring one in case you need to use the restroom and if it makes you more comfortable. If you have symptoms or a positive test please stay home and get well.

Full refunds available up to one week in advance of the first session. Regardless of when, if you cannot make it, please attempt to fill your spot.

Past Events & Groups 
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