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Workshops & Group Work

I'm currently facilitating beautiful monthly outdoor workshops which incorporate hypnosis, sound healing, somatic work, journaling, discussion, and more with the lovely and gifted Maryem Irias at a private location in Altadena!  The groups work well as a series or also stand individually.  Themes vary monthly. 


We are also open to scheduling private groups at our location or yours.  Rates will vary based on location and the number of participants.


Please inquire here for more info and/ or to be added to the mailing list.  

Upcoming Events

As the leaves change and the air grows crisp, we invite you to join us for an extraordinary Hypnotic Soundbath Workshop that delves deep into the mysteries of our ancestry. This October, we explore the unseen threads that connect us to our forebears and how their wisdom, experiences, and energy continue to shape our lives.


Embrace the magic of October and join us as we delve into the web of ancestry that binds us all. Together, we'll celebrate the wisdom of our forebears and uncover the treasures hidden in our lineage, through somatic practices, reiki, inquiry, discussion, sound, hypnosis, and more!


This circle is open to female-identifying and non-binary folks.


We will gather at a private outdoor venue in Altadena.


Sunday, October 15, 4-6:30 pm

This event will take place outdoors, at a private Altadena residence, to be announced via email, closer to the date.


Snacks and cacao will be provided.

Spaces are limited, please reserve your spot early.


To avoid fees please feel free to Venmo Julie-weingarten.


Sliding Scale:


$77 Sustaining Rate: This rate is for those with the financial means to comfortably support the group and help ensure it remains accessible to all. Your generous contribution at this level helps cover our costs and supports others who may need assistance.


$66 Standard Rate: This rate reflects the typical cost of participation and helps us maintain the group's quality and resources. 



$55 Community Rate: We understand that financial situations vary, and we are committed to making this healing space accessible to all. If you need some financial flexibility, please choose this rate. Your presence and participation are valued, and we welcome you with open arms.


If you’re inclined, you may also cover the cost of someone in need at the Community Rate! 🤍


Link in bio or please Venmo Julie-weingarten.


We look forward to sharing this enchanting experience with you.


With ancestral love,

Julie & Maryem

Past Events & Groups 
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Peace & Healing
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